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Have you ever wondered if an automobile could make it over a million miles? Here at Barber Honda we wonder that every day and finally our question was answered. In 1996, "Million-Mile" Joe bought a used Honda Accord with 76,000 miles on it. He drove the car approximately 4,700 miles per month, averaging per quarter about what the average American driver does per year (13,500). He drove the car a million miles...maybe more.

Think this sounds like a nice Honda myth? It's actually a true story.

"Million-Mile" Joe (Joe LoCicero), from Norway Maine really has driven his 1990 Honda Accord to nearly a million miles and plans to keep on, keepin' on. And, yes, he did buy the car used in 1996 with 76,000 miles on it.

This is without a doubt, one of the most impressive Honda feats we've ever stumbled across. After all, most of us consider ourselves lucky to drive our cars, Hondas and otherwise, past 300,000 miles.

"Million-Mile" Joe's Honda Accord is living proof Honda's are made to last ,and that giving your Honda the recommended TLC as outlined in the owner's manual can really pay off.

Lessons from "Million-Mile" Joe

-          Adhere to the maintenance schedule
-          Check/change fluids regularly
-          Never ride heavy on the brakes and change brake fluids every other year
-          Use only Honda certified air, oil and fuel filters

Barber Honda located at 4500 Wible Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93313 invites you to show your Honda this kind of love and see if you can hit the million-mile mark. Among the many comments left for "Million-Mile" Joe on the Honda Facebook page ( are:

-          "Joe, I honestly got tears in my eyes! I love my '93 Accord (same color as yours!) so much and we're only at 250K miles...but my mechanic and I have a pact to keep her going until she can't go any more. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Go Joe!"1 - Ari Summerland
-          "Wow! Guess my 04 Element with 133K mi is just getting broken in."2 - Dave Lewis
-          "Incredible! That's just how Honda's are made!" 3 - Victor Cervantes

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the only major replacement's Joe has made over the course of nearly one-million miles are the fuel pump, both cooling fans, and the radiator (twice). Not too shabby...not too shabby at all.

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