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Service your Honda before the summer rolls around

Here at Barber Honda we're already dreaming about all the fun we're going to have this summer. To put it simply, we're just over the winter season and ready to get outside and soak up some sun rays. We're sure you're planning to hit the road in search of adventure with your loved ones as well, so make it a point to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle before you do so!

We are proud to host an onsite service and repair center right here at our Bakersfield dealership, just for our loyal customers…

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Keep your car healthy with regular service appointments

No one ever sees it're behind the wheel of your vehicle going about your day business as usual and then suddenly something goes awry, leaving you stranded miles from home with no way to fix it. It's never an ideal situation, however, most car trouble can be spotted early on and even prevented by scheduling routine service appointments.

The onsite service and repair center here at Barber Honda is staffed with the best and most talented technicians in the biz and we'

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Honda Civic Captivates NY Audiences

When Honda revealed the new Civic concept at the New York Auto Show and dropped huge news regarding the forthcoming model. For all in attendance, the new Civic concept proved to be the highlight of the show, namely because of the impressive push for performance that it indicates.

Along with the concept car on display, Honda confirmed that the overseas-exclusive Honda Civic Type R will be making its way to the United States, fulfilling the…

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Celebrate the Good in the World with Honda

It wouldn't be fair to say the new 2015 version of the Honda Civic will cure all of life's problems, but it's certainly a good place to start if you've got the blues. Check out what makes the new Civic one of many inventions that leave us here at our Bakersfield, CA dealership feeling pretty good about the world. Take a quick look before heading over here for a test drive…

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Go the Distance with the Accord

The expectations for the 2014 Honda Accord is high. With ancestors from the early 90s still on the road, the Honda name is a proud example throughout the industry for superior durability and performance, even over decades.

The Honda Mile Makers Club is testament to this, as five levels of membership allow owners to tell their long histories with their loyal Honda models, from 100,000 to over a million miles. The two reigning champions…

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Honda to Open First New Japanese Plant in Over 50 Years

It's a well-known fact that Honda is a Japanese auto brand, but we think most of our customers would be surprised to learn that the company has not built a manufacturing plant in its base country in over fifty years.  The last one was in Sayama in 1964, but this is all about to change.

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Honda Plug-In Hybrid Given California 'OK'

California recently put some rather tough new smog standards into play, but that isn't stopping innovative auto brand Honda from rising to the challenge. The California Air Resources Board recently officially approved the 2014 Accord PHEV in the state.

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Honda Gets Thrifty with Common Platform Usage

Most Honda fans would concede that the brand employs rather intelligent business tactics, and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. In a time where reducing, reusing, and recycling are at the forefront of companies' minds, this Japanese automaker has also added "cutting costs" to this eco-friendly list. So, how will the company both cut costs and become a lot "greener?" Well, rumor has it that the brand has plans to reduces its purchasing costs for three top-selling models by about 30 percent in the next 3-4 years due to the adoption of a common platform and…

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Honda Produces 1 Millionth Vehicle for U.S. Export

Since 1987, Japanese auto brand Honda has exported over $22 billion worth of vehicles and parts from the United States. Now, the brand has plans to become a "net exporter" of autos from North America, which means that it will export more vehicles from this continent than it will import from its home country of Japan. To do this, U.S. manufacturing facilities will take more responsibility for introducing global automobiles sold in multiple countries across the world.

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