Used Trucks for Sale near Delano, CA

Used Trucks for Sale at Barber Honda in Durham springs

If you need a used pickup truck, visit our dealership near Delano, CA . We provide quick and easy financing, so explore what we have in stock at our dealership.

A Used Truck for Towing Jobs

We sell rugged, gas-powered trucks for general towing jobs and gritty, diesel-powered trucks for demanding jobs. From time to time, we will also stock trucks that come with special towing features like a tow hitch or a traction management system.

A Used Truck for Hauling Tasks

With a truck, hauling and towing go hand and hand. You can haul groceries, small appliances, building supplies, and more directly on the truck bed.

If you're ready to haul stuff around Bakersfield, CA, come explore our lineup. You can buy a used truck that has

  • A short truck bed
  • A long truck bed
  • A truck bed with a cargo management system
  • A truck bed with a power outlet and LED lights
  • A Used Truck for Tailgating

With a full-size pickup truck, you can host fun tailgate parties near stadiums around Delano. If you want to make a statement with raw power, here are four crowd-pleasing candidates to consider for your next outing.

  • A Ford F-150
  • A Toyota 4Runner
  • Ram 1500
  • A Ford F-450

A Used Truck for Daily Work Routines

If you need a practical work truck, buckle up and clock in with a fuel-efficient model from our lineup. We sell dependable, light-duty trucks that are fit for a single working man, and mighty, heavy-duty trucks that can accommodate a small crew.

A Used Truck for Off-Road Adventures

Off-road trucks have no limits. They can traverse through forests around Valencia, parks, and beyond.

How to Test Drive a Used Truck

To learn more about our used truck inventory, take your favorite for a test drive, and secure financing, get started from home on our website or visit the sales lot at Barber Honda. Our staff is ready to assist you.