How to Get Through a Roadside Emergency

A roadside emergency can be a stressful situation. The first step to getting through such an event is to make sure that you are safe. This means either pulling to the side of the road or getting as far from the car and traffic as possible.

An emergency situation may also be easier to handle if you are familiar with the tools available to you. For example, knowing how to use a jack can reduce the time it takes to change a flat tire. Having a cellphone with you makes it possible to call for a tow truck or otherwise…

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Why Buy A Crossover?

When SUV's first hit the market they were known for consuming a lot of gas. While you could find one that would be relatively efficient when it came to the sticker price, you ended up spending a lot on the ongoing fuel costs. Currently, there are crossover vehicles on the market that are very efficient. You get a lot of the same features that you will find in many of the SUV's on the market. However, you get the great efficiency of a sedan. Depending on what manufacturer you prefer, there is likely an option for you to…
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Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing

You can get the clay bar treatment with any kind of exterior detailing service. Detailing should be done twice or more per year to maintain the beauty of your car with a clay bar treatment. These are special bars made with enzymes that protect against daily pollutants attacking your car's paint. You may not be able to see it, but there are issues with brake dust, rust, chemicals, and road debris that are affecting your vehicle's exterior every day.

Most people think a simple wax can protect against these issues, but that doesn't really affect the chemical…
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Useful Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving Incidents

With more reports of distracted driving accidents each year, doing your part to reduce these incidents is easier than you might think.

Make all the adjustments inside your vehicle before pulling away from the house. Pick the radio station, set the GPS coordinates, and adjust the mirrors, long before you are speeding down the road. Keep your eyes on the road because in a second you could roll up on a distracted driver you may have missed if you were distracted too.

Take care of all your grooming needs at home before you start the vehicle...


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Key Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving

Avoiding an accident on the road today is all about avoiding distractions and keeping your eyes on the road. These are a few distracted driving tips to help you stay safer on the road.

Secure everything in your vehicle that could roll around and cause you to take your eyes off the road while driving at high speeds. Take things off the dashboard, out of the cup holders, and off the seats. The fewer objects moving, the less chance you'll look away.

Driving in your car is not the time to use the mirror to take care of last-minute…
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Educate Yourself to Find a Good Mechanic

You're driving along and the "check engine" light comes on. You know you need to take your car for service, but how do you choose the right mechanic? There's a saying that a good mechanic could be worth their weight in gold.

The first step in finding the right mechanic is learning a little bit about your car. You can access basic auto information online. You can find out the meaning of your check engine light and learn what goes into basic auto service.

When it comes time to pick the mechanic, check to see if the technicians…

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Hatchbacks Have Style and Function

When you're getting ready to buy a new car, you want to make sure you're doing your research. Exploring your options can expose you to new types of vehicles that you may have never driven before. If cargo space is something that matters to you, you might consider buying a hatchback.

These versatile vehicles were built with practicality in mind. They have the feel and efficiency of a more compact car, but they go above and beyond in terms of cargo space. When the rear seats are folded flat, the space you have can rival what you might…

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Understanding the Basics of a Suspension System

Your vehicle’s suspension system is actually a complex collection of mechanical parts. All of those different components work together to give you full control over your vehicle no matter the terrain. That is why it is so important for all drivers to have a basic understanding of how suspension systems work.

When you are driving on surface streets in Bakersfield, your suspension is going to keep your tires pointing forward until you turn the steering wheel. As soon as you hit a speed bump or pothole, the struts and springs will keep the body of the vehicle relatively still…

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Signs That Your Differential Is Ready to Be Replaced

A properly maintained differential is going to last for years, but major mechanical problems can still happen at any time. Problems with your differential need to be caught early on so that other key components of your vehicle don’t become damaged. Here are a few early warning signs of differential problems that should never be ignored.

As a general rule, your car should be inspected by an experienced mechanic if you ever notice any unusual whirring or grinding noises. Those noises are often the result of a differential that is no longer properly lubricated. You might also notice...


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Here is How to Test Your Car's Battery with the Voltmeter

Testing the power of your car's battery is easy if you are using a voltmeter.
  • Before getting the test results, be sure the car engine is turned off and you are wearing protective glasses and gloves.
  • If there are any visible signs of corrosion on the battery terminals, use a small wire brush to create two clean contact points.
  • The voltmeter is simple to use because it only has two cables, red and black.
  • The red cable will be connected to the positive side of the car battery.
  • The black cable goes on the negative side of the battery…
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