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At Barber Honda, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers! Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Your Honda car, SUV, or truck is a quality vehicle, and it deserves to be kept in top-notch condition for as long as possible. We're sure you feel the same, so read on to learn more about our shop's exemplary and highly impactful vehicle service options near Delano.


The benefits of new tires often get underplayed. A new set of tires will improve your driving experience in many ways, and the benefits of buying a new set of tires vastly outweigh the infrequent expense. Because your tires are constantly in use, they require maintenance more frequently than your vehicle's other components. They constantly contact rough, jagged ground that erodes their exterior and decreases their structural integrity. Furthermore, your Honda's high speeds create a lot of heat and friction that, over time, will impact even the sturdiest set of tires.

Ailing tires will negatively impact your driving experience, and many drivers do not realize that their tires are in desperate need of maintenance or replacement. There are many detriments to having damaged or deflated tires, including a declined fuel economy. Your Honda vehicle's fuel efficiency will decrease because your worn and shredded wheels are causing the engine and suspension to compensate by working significantly more challenging and less efficiently. As a result, ill-maintained tires are a silent money-sink of which few drivers realize the severity.

Our service team helps drivers from all over the Valencia area and can alleviate all ailments mentioned above with our selection of premium and highly effective tire services. Replacing your old tires with a fresh set of premium OEM wheels is a great place to start. If your current set is slightly damaged, we also offer damaged and flat tire repair services. Wheel balancing and tire rotations are other impactful service options we offer, for they can significantly increase the smoothness of your drive and reduce obnoxious vibrations felt within the cabin.

OEM Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts will make an enormous difference in your Honda car or truck's lifespan and driving quality because OEM parts fit correctly and snugly in the internal mechanisms. You can guarantee that your vehicle will enjoy enhanced power and handling while making detrimental issues less likely to develop. Further, our OEM parts come from Honda themselves, which guarantees that they meet the manufacturer's durability and safety standards. There is no guarantee that third-party hardware will meet the same standard.

You can order various crucial components from our parts shop in Bakersfield, CA. Parts available can increase the engine performance and cleanliness to improve the quality of air brought into the engine. As a result, fuel efficiency, mechanism health, and vehicle longevity are significantly enhanced. We also have lesser-known components like air filters. These parts will ensure the quality and freshness of the air being pumped into your Honda's cabin by the air conditioning unit.

Belts and treads are other popular components ordered by McFarland drivers. These components play a crucial role in providing your vehicle with power and braking capability while driving. Because these components keep your engine's pistons, valves, and mechanisms working in sync, your Honda car or truck needs high-quality OEM belts. Driving with timing belts that are in disrepair for too long can have detrimental consequences for your Honda vehicle.

Many drivers do not realize they need to maintain the various aspects of their vehicle, so they are left neglected. Our vast selection of OEM parts and our knowledgeable staff can restore your vehicle's quality in a single, short visit.

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Contact the service center at Barber Honda to schedule an appointment with our experienced and friendly staff, and we'll reserve a time on a date that suits your schedule and service needs. You can call us with any questions about our various service options in advance or when you're here. Your Honda vehicle will get the maintenance it needs to ensure quality and improved performance, handling, and efficiency on your daily drives. Alternatively, you can visit as a walk-in to take advantage of a more flexible repair experience.


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