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Honda is Building a Civic-Based Compact SUV in Europe

Honda is known for its innovative style and forward-thinking tactics. That's why the Japanese automaker is currently hatching plans for a new Honda Civic-based compact SUV/crossover, to be released in Europe. This comes on the heels of competitor Nissan's successful release of the Qashqai off-road vehicle across the ocean.

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New Film Offers Clues for Next Honda Release

We know, we know. Spying on movie sets probably isn't the best idea. That's why we left it up to paparazzi to do the dirty deed. Rumor has it, the next successor in the Honda NSX line was spotted on the Avengers movie set, a blockbuster film that is set to debut next summer. Honda hasn't denied that the rumors are true. We don't blame the company. Why wouldn't it want its vehicle to be spotted alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr.?  The first clues about the new NSX will be officially debuted at…

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Honda Hopes N Box Will Be a Hit in Japan

Here in America, we tend to focus more on larger, more gas-hungry vehicles than our European friends do. And, although that seems to be changing, Honda doesn't believe America is quite ready (yet) for the new Honda N BOX. The company has announced its debut in Japan, which will take place December 16, 2011. The N BOX is the first vehicle of the new mini-vehicle Honda N Series. The N BOX is a sort of mini-minivan. It has enough room inside to comfortably hold four tall adults. In fact, the rear seat has limo-like legroom and includes a flip…

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