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Let Barber Honda Help with Routine Belt and Hose Maintenance

If you pride yourself on taking great care of your vehicle, you probably know how to do some basic car maintenance work like oil changes or air filter replacements. You also know that vehicles have become more and more complicated, requiring specialized tools and accessing parts in difficult to get to places. 

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Service your Honda before the summer rolls around

Here at Barber Honda we're already dreaming about all the fun we're going to have this summer. To put it simply, we're just over the winter season and ready to get outside and soak up some sun rays. We're sure you're planning to hit the road in search of adventure with your loved ones as well, so make it a point to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle before you do so!

We are proud to host an onsite service and repair center right here at our Bakersfield dealership, just for our loyal customers…

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Keep your car healthy with regular service appointments

No one ever sees it're behind the wheel of your vehicle going about your day business as usual and then suddenly something goes awry, leaving you stranded miles from home with no way to fix it. It's never an ideal situation, however, most car trouble can be spotted early on and even prevented by scheduling routine service appointments.

The onsite service and repair center here at Barber Honda is staffed with the best and most talented technicians in the biz and we'

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The Honda Tire Repair Kit takes the Stress out of Changing your Tire!

For many years if you ran over something and needed to put on your spare tire you had to lower it from underneath your car or unzip it from the circular holder attached to your tailgate.

Getting it onto the ground was just the tip of the iceberg! You'd then have to get dirty and sweaty to get the bad tire off (and of course there were would that one stubborn bolt!) and the spare back on; it was a task you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy.

With the Honda Tire Repair Kit that job of getting…

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