Honda Hopes N Box Will Be a Hit in Japan

Here in America, we tend to focus more on larger, more gas-hungry vehicles than our European friends do. And, although that seems to be changing, Honda doesn't believe America is quite ready (yet) for the new Honda N BOX. The company has announced its debut in Japan, which will take place December 16, 2011. The N BOX is the first vehicle of the new mini-vehicle Honda N Series. The N BOX is a sort of mini-minivan. It has enough room inside to comfortably hold four tall adults. In fact, the rear seat has limo-like legroom and includes a flip/fold feature that accommodates the storage of large objects in the passenger compartment. Honda has always embraced the man maximum/machine minimum concept, and this is just another example of this innovative idea.

Other innovative concepts on the N BOX include a newly-developed DHC engine and CVT transmission. These work in tandem to provide the vehicle stellar power and fuel efficiency.  With the help of idle stop mechanism, the N BOX has achieved the top fuel economy in its class. A longer wheelbase also allows for remarkable driving stability. In addition, this Honda vehicle has some pretty amazing standard features like the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system and the Hill Start Assist(HSA) system , which prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on a hill. The driver's side i-SRS airbag system and SRS airbag system for front passengers assures everyone riding is safe on the journey. One of the most impressive additions is the side-view mirrors, used to eliminate blind spots around the left-front and rear wheels. This feature works with a lower rear that makes the vehicle easier to park close to objects.

Did we forget to mention that the Ford vehicle is made of 90 percent recyclable material? With innovation like this, the N BOX is sure to be a hit. And while it could be some time before the N BOX appears in the U.S., Barber Honda will be sure to let you know when it does. In the meantime, stop by and check out our great selection of new Honda vehicles. Located at 4500 Wible Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93313, we're easy to find. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Barber!

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