From smooth highway boulevards to rough hill trails, the rugged and versatile 2022 Honda Ridgeline has the capability and performance you need for your adventurous trips. Built with ground-breaking and high-end features, this mid-size pickup truck helps drivers achieve an ideal balance of play and work.

Offering you enough muscle to handle challenging tasks is a standard V6 engine paired with a nine-speed transmission system. This engine that churns out 280 horsepower offers drivers around Bakersfield up to 1,500 pounds of payload capacity and 5,000 pounds of towing prowess.

Honda designed this truck with an independent suspension system and lightweight unibody design to allow a comfortable and smooth ride on the streets without sacrificing off-road capabilities. The independent suspensions ensure an ideal handle on rough and smooth roads making your drive comfortable and smooth.

Once the terrain turns rough, the standard AWD system gives you the control and traction needed to handle the rugged trails. An intelligent traction control system allows this truck to adjust to rough conditions, whether traveling on sand, snow, or mud.

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