The Honda Subcompact makes a great car for Bakersfield streets and highways. It's powerful, efficient, spacious and handsome. It's one of our Barber Honda team's favorites, not only for its power and efficiency but for its advanced tech features.

Automatic Door Locking

The Honda Fit makes it easy to ensure that you always lock your vehicle. Its auto locking feature locks the doors automatically when you walk away from the parked Honda Fit with the fob on your person. Similarly, when you grab one of the Honda Fit's door handles with the key fob on your person, the Honda Fit automatically unlocks, permitting access to its stylish cabin.

Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

Who knew that cars and smartphones would become such friends? The Honda Fit's infotainment platform interfaces with your smartphone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The interface grants access to your phone's content by voice command, digital assistant or infotainment touchscreen. Play media through the Honda Fit's speaker system, or make and receive hands-free phone calls.


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