Would You Like 2, 4, or 5 Doors with Your Honda Civic?

One of the more remarkable features about the Honda Civic is how many body styles you have to choose from with this one legendary vehicle. Take a walk down any main road in Bakersfield today, and in the course of a few hours, you will almost certainly observe many Civic models drive by, including new models but also older models that are still functioning superbly. Regarding the 2017 Civic lineup, however, now that Honda has released the Honda Hatchback, a five-door car, if you count the rear liftgate as a door like we do, there are two, four, and five-door versions of the Civic available to you. You can find these Honda Civic Coupe, Civic Sedan, and Civic Hatchback models in stock today at Barber Honda. So no matter if you need a family sedan, a hatch to transport pets, musical instruments, or other cargo, or a streamlined coupe to express your sporty driving habits, we have your needs covered.

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