I Want To Buy, But Should I Lease Instead?

You have decided on the model of new vehicle that you want. Now you're faced with a relatively different question. Should you lease or buy your new vehicle. There are major differences, and in some instances, these differences make a lot of people nervous.

To purchase a vehicle, a credit company or bank pays the dealer for the automobile, and you make payments directly to the credit company, who now becomes the title holder. At the end of that term, the vehicle is yours. The credit company signs the title over to you. You own the vehicle. With a lease, you pay the credit company, but at the end of the term, you turn the car over to the dealer. You may purchase the car at a reduced price, since it is a used car, or you can opt to purchase a new vehicle, or none at all. If you are still confused, call our service center for an appointment to discuss the best option for your needs. We’ll be happy to help!

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