Why Should I Rotate My Tires?

Tires are rotated because tires can wear unevenly. When a tire runs across abrasive surfaces like asphalt or concrete, they experience wear. Because of their location on the car, tires wear in different ways. Front tires guide the vehicle, and their wear can get quite different than back tires, which simply follow.

When tires get worn, they can become unsafe. To see if your tires are worn, there is an old trick to try. Take a penny and precisely stick it into the tread on your tire. If you can see the face, your tire's tread is worn.

How can you remember to get a tire rotation? A convenient way to handle tire rotation is to get it done when you have your oil changed. All you have to do is merely call our dealership at Barber Honda in Bakersfield, CA, and schedule a tire rotation and inspection. Barber Honda will lead you to an experienced service technician who will rotate, inspect, and replace your worn older tires with tires of your choice.


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