Compare Your End of Lease Options at Barber Honda

You and your Honda car, truck, SUV, or minivan have been through a lot over your leasing period. You’ve traveled to some great places and entertained family and friends. Now that your lease period is drawing to a close, it is an excellent time to explore your end of lease options at Barber Honda.

If you have enjoyed driving your current Honda car, minivan, truck, or SUV and decide that you're not ready to part with it at the end of your lease, you may choose to purchase it. One thing we especially enjoy about Honda vehicles is that they can last for years and retain value with regularly scheduled service and repairs.

Ready to upgrade your Honda experience to a new model in the lineup? You may also return your leased Honda and either purchase or lease a new car for your California excursions. There are typically additional costs associated with returning a vehicle at the end of a leasing period, including excessive mileage or wear and tear fees. You may want to keep that in mind when working through your new car budget.

Here at Barber Honda, we understand that making an end-of-lease decision is a very personal experience. If you have any financing questions as you navigate your options, please visit our Honda dealership in Bakersfield, CA to speak with one of our friendly associates about your options as well as view our inventory of new Honda cars for sale.

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