Honda and a Cultural Exchange Program

Do you know what important event happened in 1945? A senator from Arkansas introduced a bill into the U.S. Congress that would offer opportunities to young people around the world. The senator’s name was J. William Fulbright, and he was the advocate of international student exchange programs.

The purpose, Fulbright stated, was to build goodwill between countries. The proceeds of surplus war property was used to fund the program initially.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2016. Students from Japan's Iwate Prefecture were part of the 2016 TOMODACHI Honda Cultural Exchange Program. The 20 high school students which were part of the program, traveled to southern California. Here, they visited local schools, hospitals and cultural locations. Their journey culminated in participation in the 2016 Rose Bowl.

The term, “TOMODACHI” means “friend,” and the program was created by the Japanese and United States governments folloing the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The purpose is to build bonds and friendship between the students.

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