An Odyssey Oil Change Done Right

The do it yourself oil change is on its way out these days, as it seems many people would rather not get down and dirty themselves.  However, a home oil change is a great little project for those out there who consider themselves handy, and it really is not as hard as you may think.

If you own a fourth generation Odyssey from Barber Honda then the video below can help show you how to change the oil on your van all by yourself.  Take a look at the process if you want to learn how to, all thanks to YouTube user dial2fast:

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty and are looking for a new project to undertake then this is perfect for you.  If you want to learn more about the process, or how to change the oil on our other models, then stop by and talk to the best of the best here in our service center.

A do it yourself oil change is not for everyone, so if you are one of these people then just stop by our Bakersfield, California showroom and our staff can happily handle the task for you.  Also, if you are in need a new Honda model then come check out all the rides we have to offer, including the current 2014 Odyssey.


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