Let the #hugfest Begin here In Bakersfield

The Super Bowl always brings some fun and exciting commercials, but rarely do they ever act as the beginning of something special.  Here at Barber Honda we believe that our brands commercial is doing just this, as it introduced us to the hugfest.

Of all the people to be promoting hugs we would never have guessed it be Bruce Willis, as he is known for pretty much the opposite.  However, Willis and Honda combined forces in the commercial this year to promote car safety with hugs, take a look below:

The vehicles we offer here in Bakersfield, California promote car safety right alongside Bruce Willis with their award winning safety features.

If you want to join the cause hop in a new Honda model and hug someone special in your life today.  Do it because you want to, not just because you're scared Bruce Willis will find you if you don't.

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