Honda's ASIMO: Advanced, Robotic, Charming

Our favorite Japanese automaker's leap in robotic technology called the Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, or more affectionately referred to as ASIMO, has gotten some enhancements as of late and President Obama got a first-hand experience with it. Running, jump, and kick a soccer ball, ASIMO displayed his increased speed and balance to much approval from all watching. Of course, with the technology improving so quickly, we here at Barber Honda welcome our new robotic overlords!

Just kidding. Check out the video below to see ASIMO in action.

While we have no robots here at our Bakersfield, CA, what we do have is an automotive smorgasbord of new Honda models for you to choose from. With so many stylish and affordable choices, you'll be sure to find something that meets your unique wants and needs, no matter what they may be. So drop by, take a look, go for a test drive, and fall in love.

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