Honda Expanding Their Earth Dreams Lineup

In the recent years the trend with the vehicles we offer here at Barber Honda has been to offer engines that are more efficient, but do not sacrifice performance.  To do this, the brand has been shifting its focus to the Earth Dreams banner and the powerplants that fall under this category.

With the majority of vehicles we offer here in the Bakersfield, California region now incorporating one of these Earth Dreams engines, Honda has once again expanded their lineup of motors.  Recently, they revealed that three more powerplants will be produced, with the brands small and medium cars in mind.

With a 1.0-liter, 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter engine being revealed, the motors will be turbocharged and direct-injected VTEC variable valve timing systems.  The largest in the group is believed to be capable of delivering 276 horses, and will most likely be available inside the new Civic Type R.

This new sporty and agile Civic may not makes its way to our North American shores, but we do know that the three VTEC engines have been described as global production powerplants.

We are still waiting on further details such as pricing and future availability for these Earth Dreams offerings, but as soon as more information hits the airwaves we will definitely update you all here on our blog.

We look forward to seeing these new engines powering vehicles in our inventory of new Honda cars serving the Bakersfield, California region.  All three VTEC systems will boost the lineup of small and medium cars we have here at our dealership, bringing more power and efficiency.  Our showroom is located right here in B-Town at 4500 Wible Road, so stop by today.

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