New Honda N-One: The Cute Little Microcar Just Begging for U.S. Attention

OK, we admit it. If there's such a phenomenon as an "auto crush," we have it. And, honestly, who wouldn't be smitten by the new Honda N-One microcar? This miniature automobile is positively adorable. It's the company's modern interpretation of its cult classic Honda N360/00 vehicle, and its retro style will appeal to many. Unfortunately, we won't be able to gush over it in person in the U.S., so we'll just have to admire it from afar!

New Honda N-One Microcar Specs.:

  • Petite Power: This little beauty is powered by a 660cc three-cylinder motor that isn't allowed to produce more than 63-hp by law. For comparison purposes, the smaller Smart Fortwo sold in the U.S. currently produces 70-hp as the least powerful car sold in the U.S.
  • Style and Substance: The N-One minicar is shorter than a Fiat 500, but it still manages to sport four doors and space for up to four passengers in a cabin that boasts a modern style and plenty of cargo room. It features a unique gas tank, which is located under the front seats, to allow the use of a folding rear Magic Seat, much like what you'd see in the new Honda Fit.

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