Honda Hands $700 Million to Advertising Experts

When it comes to advertising autos, brands need a ton of cash to keep their name in lights, and for Japanese automaker Honda, this comes at the tune of about $700 million. Since 1986, the brand's advertising account has been handled by the RPA agency (formerly known as Rubin Postaer and Associates), located in Santa Monica, CA. However, now Honda is re-thinking its ad strategy, and advertising agencies across the industry are clamoring for the brand's attention.

Michael Accavitti, Vice President of National Marketing Operations, explains the thought behind the design to allocate so much capital, stating, "Both the Honda and Acura brands are rolling out incredibly strong new products. In the face of a changing media landscape and a hyper-competitive marketplace, our challenge is to create dynamic marketing campaigns that connect and engage consumers with our products and our brands. The review we have initiated will lead to a strong, long-term strategic plan for our brands.1

We'll have to wait and see if Honda chooses to have two ad agencies this time around: one to manage Honda and one to manage the more luxurious Acura brand. RPA is being given a chance to pitch a new strategy for the brand, which it hopes to get back, as Honda represents nearly all of its earnings. Reminds you of a Mad Men episode, right?

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