Honda Pulls a Fast One: Creates Hilarious April Fool's Anti-Theft System

April Fool's Day has come and gone, but we won't soon forget the hilarious prank Japanese automaker Honda pulled this year. The company "created" a new anti-theft system by the name of TERII, which it claimed harnessed the wisdom gleaned from ten years of research by cognitive psychologists and FBI hostage negotiators, as well as a large amount of engineering voodoo. As Sidney Finch, pretend TERII Project Lead at Honda explains, "Car alarms have become less and less effective as a deterrent. The technological advancements of late have been focused on the quick recovery of a stolen vehicle. Our goal was to prevent the theft in the first place. And we have that in TERII."1

TERII isn't your typical alarm system, though it does feature offerings like voice command and keyless entry. TERII's key component is artificial intelligence. Once TERRI recognizes unfriendly activity or scans a fingerprint that is not on file, it will initiate five levels of negotiation. Level one of this process tries to reason with the thief, while higher levels use a harsh tone and specific threats against the assailant. The promotional video clip released about TERRI even shows that it has a sense of humor within its set of 500 preprogrammed negotiation strategies.

Though the TERII system was a joke, the advanced technologies available on the most recent new Honda vehicles are not, so be sure to stop by Barber Honda, conveniently located at 4500 Wible Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93313 and see them for yourself! If you have questions about auto finance in Bakersfield, we're here to help!

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