Honda To Be The Official Vehicle of the NHL, Again!

Three years ago, Honda and the NHL struck a deal: Honda would be the official vehicle of the league. Terms officially ended at the close of the 2010/2011 season. However, both members of the team, Honda and the NHL, felt they scored big time, thanks to the alliance. As such, they've signed another three-year contract slated to extend through 2014.

As the official vehicle of the National Hockey League, Honda gets exclusive rights to the best in-ice and on-air ad spots. In exchange, they will serve as an event sponsor for NHL Super Skills and NHL All-Star Award MVP. Of course, there were financial terms as well. However, Honda and the NHL have not disclosed exactly what those are, at this time.

How did Honda and the NHL decide to team up? Well, based on uncanny similarities between the demographic of people who typically are attracted to Honda vehicles and that  you'll find frequenting hockey stadiums.

Tom Peyton, Brand Manager, Honda explains, "With the considerable growth and popularity of hockey and the improved and robust media offerings in the last couple of years, the NHL continues to provide us with broader media buy options and greater exposure platforms. This partnership continues to be a great fit for Honda as we share a similar and attractive demographic with the NFL - young, affluent and educated."1

With the new hockey season kicking off in just a month, Barber Honda wishes your NHL team the best of luck. We think you're going to enjoy Honda's creative genius, during the timeouts and breaks. If you'd like to learn more about any of the products featured in the spots, feel free to visit Barber Honda, located at 4500 Wible Road, Bakersfield, CA . We're happy to share complete specs, compare models, and arrange test drives.

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