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The New 2021 Honda Pilot for Sale in Bakersfield, CA

The 2021 Honda Pilot has received upgrades to many different features from the previous models. The main upgrades are to the vehicle's performance, safety, and technology, and here are those upgrades. Barber Honda is excited to show our Bakersfield customers what is in store for this latest version of Honda's large SUV.

Performance near Oildale, CA

3.5-liter V6 engine

The engine in the 2021 Honda Pilot provides up to 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet torque. The engine also allows for much quicker acceleration than previous models.

All-wheel drive capability

The all-wheel-drive capability is nice for when you are driving on different terrain or inclement weather. This capability provides much more control of the vehicle and better handling.

Nine-speed automatic transmission

The transmission assists the engine in achieving faster acceleration and providing the vehicle with more power.


Honda Sensing Suite

The Honda Sensing Suite can utilize sensors in the front of the vehicle to identify any potential objects you may miss while driving. This works in coordination with the collision mitigation braking system.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

The lane keeping assist system also utilizes sensors to help identify when you may be drifting lanes. This feature can notify you when you may be drifting lanes, and it can also assist you by taking control of the car to keep you in the correct lane.

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)

The collision mitigation braking system uses the sensors on the vehicle's front to identify any potential hazards and brake before you have time to react.


Intelligent Traction Management

The intelligent traction management is a feature that allows you to select the type of terrain that you are driving on to allow for maximum traction.

Apple CarPlay

The Apple CarPlay is a luxury feature that allows you to connect your phone to your car. This allows you to listen to your music, or podcasts, by simply accessing them on your phone.

Wi-Fi hotspot capability

The Wi-Fi hotspot allows for you and those in the vehicle to save data while taking road trips and instead access the internet through the Wi-Fi that is offered by the vehicle.

If you are interested in the new 2021 Honda Pilot, then you should contact Barber Honda. We can make sure that you get to a good feel for the vehicle with a test drive around Bakersfield. We can also help with financing options if you wish to purchase the vehicle.