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Honda Fit Hybrid Wins Coveted Car of the Year Award in Japan

If you're looking for the next big thing in the culinary world, you might keep an eye on Vietnam or even Korea. Perhaps you're after the best new wine locale on the international scene; then you might look south to Argentina. If you're interested in an ecofriendly automobile, well, Japan is still your best bet.

Accordingly, the annual "Japan Car of the Year" is almost always a greener kind of vehicle and…

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Honda Takes Three Spots for 'Best Family Cars of 2012'

There are only ten coveted spots on Kelly Blue Book's "10 Best Family Cars of 2012" list, and this year, Honda has taken three of them. As Michael Accavitti, Vice President of Marketing Operations for Honda America explains, "We are honored to have three members of the Honda lineup recognized as benchmark family cars by Kelley Blue Book's To be recognized as providing the kind of safety, features and value required of the modern family machine speaks to the core attributes of every Honda vehicle."1

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