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2013 Honda Insight Proves Hybrids Can be Cost-Efficient

When Kelley Blue Book gives out its Cost of Ownership Award each year to pinpoint the most cost-efficient vehicles on the market, it's a good idea to take notice. Recognizing the fact that there's more to ownership costs than the price of fuel -especially when it comes to vehicle depreciation. The good news this year?  The 2013 Honda Insight proves that hybrids can retain their value better than the standard automobile, as it was chosen for the award this year!

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The Revitalized 2012 Honda Insight

After testing driving the Honda Insight you should not doubt that you have found one of, if not the, top competitor in the hybrid market. The hybrid car is undertaking a full revitalization for the 2012 model year, including improvements to not only performance, but also style.

Arriving at Barber Honda in Bakersfield, California in November, Honda unveiled the Insight to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany nearly a month ago.


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