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Million Mile Joe

Have you ever wondered if an automobile could make it over a million miles? Here at Barber Honda we wonder that every day and finally our question was answered. In 1996, "Million-Mile" Joe bought a used Honda Accord with 76,000 miles on it. He drove the car approximately 4,700 miles per month, averaging per quarter about what the average American driver does per year (13,500). He drove the car a million miles...maybe more.

Think this sounds like a nice Honda myth? It's actually a true story.

"Million-Mile" Joe (Joe LoCicero), from Norway Maine really has…

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"Best Retained Value" Awarded to Honda From

In the first annual report, guarantees consumers that Honda automobiles retain their value better than any other vehicles in the non-luxury division. Further proving the Big H's worth, Edmunds named the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, and Honda Odyssey  leaders within their respective segments.

According to Edmunds, Honda retains over 50 percent of its value. That's even higher than Honda's two leading competitors! In attempting to clarify Honda's actual and alleged value, Danny Zhou, Senior Analyst at said, "A lot of consumers just see it [Honda] as a value-oriented brand that…

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