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Useful Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving Incidents

With more reports of distracted driving accidents each year, doing your part to reduce these incidents is easier than you might think.

Make all the adjustments inside your vehicle before pulling away from the house. Pick the radio station, set the GPS coordinates, and adjust the mirrors, long before you are speeding down the road. Keep your eyes on the road because in a second you could roll up on a distracted driver you may have missed if you were distracted too.

Take care of all your grooming needs at home before you start the vehicle...


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Move Over - It's the Safe Thing to Do

Now that you’ve picked up your new car at Barber Honda, you’re ready to hit the open road. We’d like to remind you of “Move Over” laws. These laws are designed to keep traffic moving. They are also there to protect anyone who has pulled over to the shoulder or side of the road and is stopped.

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Let Barber Honda Help with Routine Belt and Hose Maintenance

If you pride yourself on taking great care of your vehicle, you probably know how to do some basic car maintenance work like oil changes or air filter replacements. You also know that vehicles have become more and more complicated, requiring specialized tools and accessing parts in difficult to get to places. 

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Why is Tire Rotation Vital to your Car?

Owning a vehicle comes with many responsibilities, and you should always be on top of maintenance services. When you perform regular maintenance, it will reduce expenses throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. Tire rotation should always be part of it because tire blowout can cause serious problems like the accident. Check the following benefits of rotating tires.

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Don't Ignore Your Dashboard Signals

There are many indicator lights in your vehicle. They vary in what they mean, but mostly they are there to remind you or warn you if there is an issue with your vehicle.

If you get an indicator light goes off that says there is something wrong with your engine, battery, or transmission, you will need to bring it to us here at Barber Honda to get it taken care of right away.

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Keep Those Fluids Topped Up

Your vehicle needs many different fluids to function properly. Not only does your car require that you keep its oil full and changed regularly, but it also has many other fluids that work to keep it going.

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Get Help with Choosing New Tires

Buying new tires for your vehicle can be a confusing hassle. If you are in the market for some new tires, understanding the type of tires you need is important. Here at the dealership, our team of highly experienced automotive service experts will help you decide on the tires you need.

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What Additives Can You Get for the 2018 Honda Odyssey?

Do you want some additional features added to the 2018 Honda Odyssey that can work as both functional items as well as stylish accents? Luckily, this minivan may have just the offered accessories you are looking for! Some of the accessories can provide you style, functionality, as well as protection for the vehicle!...

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Do You Need Accommodating Space? Look Inside the 2017 Honda Civic Sedan!

The 2017 Honda Civic Sedan not only presents a sleek and stylish appearance but when it comes to storage configurations, it may be just the accommodating space you are looking for. There is seating for five passengers so you can bring your family and friends along for the ride. If you need the cabin space for added storage, simply use the 60/40 split fold-down rear seats that are available and make the space that fits your needs. You can utilize 15.1 cubic feet of space for your storage...

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