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Drive Your Dream Car

Remember that new car that you have been drooling over, but the price is a little outside your budget? This may be your chance to make that dream come true. Consider buying your dream car as a used car with a budget-friendly price tag to go with it. You could make your dream come true.

First, do some research to find out what this car might be going for in a used model, then visit our dealership for a test drive. When you have found that perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget, there's nothing that could stand in…

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#HondaRoadReaders: New App Takes the Stress Out of Family Drive

“But you said it was my turn to pick the next movie,” your son whines from the backseat. You glance in the rearview mirror to see him and your older daughter struggling over the DVD player. Feet kick seats, cries are issued and finally, in a moment of desperation, your little guy bites his older sister’s arm.

Traveling with children can be tiring and oftentimes frustrating. It’s hard for them, too. Being stuck in a seat when your body is made for movement is an exercise in vexation.

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Memorial Day Savings at Barber Honda are 'set in stone'

We could make a pretty long lists of times our country has honored great individuals and massive achievements of excellence by creating monuments or carving statues out of rock. So it only seems fitting that this Memorial Day, our Barber Honda team carve our fantastic Memorial Day Specials in the closes rock form we can find in Bakersfireld, CA. Check it out.

Whether it's the award-winning Honda Accord you're after, or the powerful…

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The Valentine's Day gift that will treat your honey right is the Honda CR-V

Valentine's Day is about the hunt to find a gift you know will treat your Valentine right. Right now the last minute gift giving stragglers are asking, 'what might that be?' It's the new Honda CR-V over here at Berber Honda. If you really want to impress her,  skip the chocolates and roses and give the gift of Motor Trend's® "2015 SUV of the Year." Take a look.

Nothing says "I love…

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Honda, Seinfeld, Family Guy and Rules of Engagement

What does Honda, Seinfeld, Family Guy, and Rules of Engagement have to do with each other? Patrick Warburton. Yup, Honda has cast the famous actor for their newly-launched advertising campaign, "Good Reasons."

In true form, Warburton uses his over-the-top comedic guiles to expose the truth about car buying and the tricks used in most auto advertisements, poking fun at everything from using sex to sell what are essentially pieces of metal to legal disclaimers that…

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Honda To Be The Official Vehicle of the NHL, Again!

Three years ago, Honda and the NHL struck a deal: Honda would be the official vehicle of the league. Terms officially ended at the close of the 2010/2011 season. However, both members of the team, Honda and the NHL, felt they scored big time, thanks to the alliance. As such, they've signed another three-year contract slated to extend through 2014.

As the official vehicle of the National Hockey League, Honda gets exclusive rights…

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Honda Buys Land in Mexico for New Plant

The Japanese auto maker is buying land in Mexico to make way for a new facility to not only produce cars, but maybe even more importantly, jobs.

The $800 Million Dollar facility in Celaya will be home to the next generation Honda Fit for all suppliers in North America, mainly the US and Canada. Honda may add Fit Hybrid and Fit Electric to these assembly lines by 2014.

This is not the first time Honda…

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3 Sweepstakes All Honda Fans Should Enter

Those who think nothing comes for free are ever-so wrong! Even though they are not heavily advertised, there are three Honda sweepstakes, offering Honda enthusiasts the chance to win an assortment of high-value prizes, with no purchase necessary.

The three Honda sweepstakes are the Civic Racing Style Sweepstakes, The Fastest Seat in Sports Sweepstakes, and the Civic Tour Sweepstakes. Let's jump right in with the Civic Racing Style Sweepstakes, shall we?

The Civic Racing…

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Million Mile Joe

Have you ever wondered if an automobile could make it over a million miles? Here at Barber Honda we wonder that every day and finally our question was answered. In 1996, "Million-Mile" Joe bought a used Honda Accord with 76,000 miles on it. He drove the car approximately 4,700 miles per month, averaging per quarter about what the average American driver does per year (13,500). He drove the car a million miles...maybe more.

Think this sounds like a nice Honda myth? It's actually a true story.

"Million-Mile" Joe (Joe LoCicero), from Norway Maine really has…

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