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Students will Fall in Love with the 2015 Honda Fit

With all the students here in Bakersfield getting ready to begin another year of classes, we wanted to take a few minutes to re-introduce you to the fun-loving and efficient 2015 Honda Fit. This model has been the toast of the town since it showed up earlier this year, and it is really making waves among young drivers who are looking for a cool and economical car to get them through their day-to-day activities.


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Honda takes us Behind the Scenes

In a video series entitled, 'What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda', our mutually preferred automaker is taking us behind the scenes. In fact, the Japanese brand is introducing us to twelve North American-based associates and discussing how they help build better communities and better new Honda models.

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The 2015 Honda Fit EX-L: Designed for Stylish Drivers

Californians are style-minded people, so it only makes sense that they not only want the best clothing and accessories, but also the best looking cars. Having a model that is a looker doesn't mean you need to go out of your way financing a luxury model. In fact, our new Honda vehicles have cool exteriors and even cooler interiors.

Let's take for example the 2015 Honda Fit. This redesigned model has officially arrived at Barber Honda, and this video will give you a peek at the plush new look in the EX-L trim.

We love that leather seating…

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Allow the 2014 Honda Pilot to Accommodate Your Busy Family

Life has its moments when it can get super hectic, but luckily there are vehicles like the 2014 Honda Pilot that can accommodate all of the chaos your family generates. When plans change, this SUV is versatile enough to work out the details for you.

Some of our favorite features include its comfy seating for 8 passengers, and the option for flat-folding seats which maximizes the storage capacity of the vehicle's interior. As the...

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Stay Connected with the 2014 Honda Accord

As a Honda dealer serving Valencia we thoroughly enjoy detailing the specs of the models in our showroom to interested visitors. However, we realize that today's driving public is pretty busy. We also recognize that they need to stay connected while on the go, which is why we'd like to share the below with you.

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Honda Produces 1 Millionth Vehicle for U.S. Export

Since 1987, Japanese auto brand Honda has exported over $22 billion worth of vehicles and parts from the United States. Now, the brand has plans to become a "net exporter" of autos from North America, which means that it will export more vehicles from this continent than it will import from its home country of Japan. To do this, U.S. manufacturing facilities will take more responsibility for introducing global automobiles sold in multiple countries across the world.

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Honda Hands $700 Million to Advertising Experts

When it comes to advertising autos, brands need a ton of cash to keep their name in lights, and for Japanese automaker Honda, this comes at the tune of about $700 million. Since 1986, the brand's advertising account has been handled by the RPA agency (formerly known as Rubin Postaer and Associates), located in Santa Monica, CA. However, now Honda is re-thinking its ad strategy, and advertising agencies across the industry are clamoring for the brand's attention.

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