Motor oil is essential to the overall health and longevity of your engine. It's basically an engine lubricant enhanced with additives. The additives keep your engine running smoothly during your daily commute through Bakersfield. Synthetic oil is an entirely man-made alternative that serves the exact same function, but it consists of different components.

Motor Oil and Synthetic Oil: Close Cousins

Motor oil consists of petroleum products derived from crude oil. Additives enhance motor oil's viscosity, which cause it to coat engine parts in a lubricating film. Motor oil's additives also include detergents and dispersants to keep your engine clean and running optimally.

Synthetic oil consists exclusively of chemicals engineered to deliver all the same benefits as motor oil. There also synthetic blends, which boast a mixture of traditional motor oil components and synthetic.

Synthetic or Motor: Which One Should You Use?

Both are equal in quality and benefits. Some vehicle manufacturers suggest one over the other. For more info, bring your vehicle down to us here at Barber Honda for service. We can take a look at it and recommend the best oil type for your engine.



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