Do You Use a Car Cover to Protect Your Car?

If you don't use a car cover, we at Barber Honda recommend investing in one because of how much it will protect your vehicle. If you park on the street in or drive little and your car sits in your driveway, covering it can keep it clean and protect it from damage.

Damage can come from the weather, rocks, people riding bikes and debris from trees. Car covers can prevent or limit the amount of damage to your car. There is also long-term damage from the sun or water that a cover can minimize.

You can deter people from looking in your car or stealing when your car is covered too! It is easier for people to target a car when they don't have to fumble with a cover. Animals might be less likely to stow away if it is covered. Bird droppings will still happen but you can wash your cover instead of your car!




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