Rodents Can Cause Damage to Your Vehicle. Take Appropriate Steps to Keeping Them Away.

If you suspect that a rodent has been making its way into your vehicle, you may notice rodent droppings, fur or other items in your vehicle. If you would like to ensure those rodents don't come back, there are some simple products and tips that you can utilize to prevent infestations.

It is actually very common for rodents to get into your vehicle. There are lots of possible points of entry. Luckily, there are products that deter them. Special traps can be safely used inside of your vehicle. There are also tapes that you can apply to your vehicle which will naturally repel rodents with a spicy flavor. If you have had a situation occur where a rodent chewed through the wiring of your engine compartment, you can install a special mesh on the interior of your engine bay that will keep rodents out.



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