Back to School Driving - What Your Car Needs

With another school year about to start, students and parents are busy arranging transportation to and back from school. Every member of our team at Barber Honda wants to help you get ready for the start of a new school year by ensuring your vehicle has everything it needs and is in good condition. We also have some helpful tips to make the commute as safe as possible.
• Make sure you have emergency supplies (tool kit, spare tire, jack, emergency kit, flashlight) in the trunk.
• Make sure all scheduled recommended services are completed on the car. Use your owner’s manual as a guideline.
• Keep the inside of the vehicle for passengers, and store supplies in the trunk.
• Know how your vehicle should operate and familiarize yourself with the dash lights and symbols.
• Allow more time than you need so you’re not rushed.

If you still have questions or think your vehicle may be in needs of service, pay us a visit at our Bakersfield dealership.



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