People who have been driving for years have probably seen at least one car overheating. The car parks on side of the highway with smoke coming out of the hood. This is a major problem that could have a number of causes that you need to know about.

Why is the Car Overheating?

It is obvious that your car is not able to maintain its cool anymore, but one must figure out why this is happening. The following are some causes:


Leaks can be the root of overheating problems. These leaks are not always easy to find, and they could happen in many areas, like the radiator, thermostat housing, a head gasket, water pump, or one of the hoses in your car.

Service Misstep

Perhaps the reason you are having trouble with your engine could be because you've overlooked a simple maintenance task, like making sure the engine oil levels are good. You could have also forgotten to flush the coolant, which does need to happen from time to time to make sure the coolant to water ratio is right.

Of course, the problem could be more involved at which point you may want to consider a new car altogether. Barber Honda can offer all sorts of options if you simply need to get a new car.



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