Learn How to Replace a Flat Tire

We are auto experts at Barber Honda, and we believe every driver in Bakersfield should know how to change a flat. The following tips can help you quickly and safely swap tires.

When you realize you have a flat tire, you should reduce your speed, engage your flashers and proceed to a level, firm parking spot. Once you stop your car, locate your spare tire, jack and lug wrench. In many cars, the lug wrench is part of the jack set. You will have an easier time loosening the flat's lug nuts if you start them before raising the car and finish them after raising it. Similarly, after you swap tires, you should start the nuts before lowering the car. Finish them once all four tires are on the ground.

This job isn't done until you safely secure your flat tire and jack set in your car. Before driving again, check your spare's maximum speed. Professionally fix your flat tire very soon.



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