How Your Vehicle's Alternator Works

If you have an understanding of the components that make up your vehicle, it can give you a heads up if there is a problem with one of them. Your vehicle's alternator is an important piece of equipment that is needed to help your vehicle function. To learn more about your vehicle's alternator, read our content below.

Your vehicle comes equipped with a starting system. This system includes the battery, starter, and alternator. The alternator's main function is to keep the battery charged when the vehicle is running. In addition, it also keeps electrical components, such as headlights and windshield wipers, functioning. If you notice a smell that is similar to burning rubber or a high-pitched sound coming from the engine, your alternator may need to be inspected.

Stop by Barber Honda in Bakersfield if you need to have your alternator inspected. Our service technicians will be happy to provide you with assistance.



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