Exhaust System Problems

The manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe are known to reduce noise. However, more importantly, the system is responsible for converting harmful gases and eliminating them from the vehicle. If one or more components wear out or become damaged, toxic fumes may enter the vehicle's interior, which poses a threat to occupants. As the gases are colorless and odorless, vehicle owners may not initially be aware of the problem.

Regularly inspecting your exhaust system may head off problems before they become serious. With the engine running, hissing, popping or whistling noise typically indicates a leak somewhere along the system. Under the hood, check for burned or discolored paint. Check the connection between the manifold and the cylinder head. Vibrations felt in the seat, pedals or steering wheel indicates rust in the exhaust system. When you suspect a problem, see us at Barber Honda for service and repairs.

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