Move Over - It's the Safe Thing to Do

Now that you’ve picked up your new car at Barber Honda, you’re ready to hit the open road. We’d like to remind you of “Move Over” laws. These laws are designed to keep traffic moving. They are also there to protect anyone who has pulled over to the shoulder or side of the road and is stopped.

“Move Over” laws generally require that you slow down and change lanes until you have safely passed the vehicle on the side of the road. For example, if there’s a car that’s stalled and a tow truck has arrived to offer assistance, changing lanes is the safe thing to do. In this example, the tow truck driver may need a little more room to maneuver safely. By changing lanes, you’re helping to keep traffic moving and provide a margin of safety for all involved.

While it’s frustrating to be stopped along the highway for a mechanical problem, you can help the situation by moving over to make sure everyone’s safe.

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