Help You and Your Car Breathe Easier By Changing Filters

All vehicles are equipped with an engine air filter that keeps dirt and particulates from getting into the engine and reducing or impeding its performance. Many vehicles are equipped with cabin air filters. These filters keep dust and pollen in Bakersfield from coming into the interior when the air-conditioner and/or heater are in operation.

It's important that both engine air filters and cabin air filters be changed on a regular basis. Your car's manufacturer will have a schedule for when this needs to be done. If you drive in particularly dusty areas, the filters may need to be changed more often. You may want to change the cabin filter if you notice reduced air flow into the cabin. Both filters need to be changed when visibly dirty.

Make a service appointment today to have your engine and cabin air filters changed at Barber Honda. You will receive professional service in a friendly environment.
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