Here is How to Test Your Car's Battery with the Voltmeter

Testing the power of your car's battery is easy if you are using a voltmeter.
  • Before getting the test results, be sure the car engine is turned off and you are wearing protective glasses and gloves.
  • If there are any visible signs of corrosion on the battery terminals, use a small wire brush to create two clean contact points.
  • The voltmeter is simple to use because it only has two cables, red and black.
  • The red cable will be connected to the positive side of the car battery.
  • The black cable goes on the negative side of the battery.
  • Turn on the voltmeter, the reading that comes it at 12.4 or higher indicates your car battery is still in excellent working condition.
  • If the results are 12.2 or lower, the battery has lost the ability to hold a charge.
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