5 Things to do Before Embarking on That Road Trip

The following safety tips are designed to put you in the position of being able to deal with small issues while on the road trip that could otherwise derail your plans.
Be sure to address these 5 things before leaving on your road trip:

  1. Pack a big flashlight and some fresh batteries in the trunk in case you need to do some repairs or flag down help in the dark.
  2. Many drivers don't carry gas cans, so put one in the trunk in case you run out of fuel and need help getting gas.
  3. Put some road flares in the car to alert other drivers your car is stranded.
  4. Pack a bag with a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, and a socket set.
  5. Be sure that the spare tire is in good condition.
Our service techs are on standby to provide your vehicle a pre-road-trip check-up when you come in before the drive.
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