What Does It Mean When Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

Obviously, to get your engine checked! There are many reasons why this light has turned on. The light is an indication that there are some issues with your vehicle. The check engine light is a part of the OBD or onboard diagnostics system for your car. The system controls and monitors the performance of your vehicle, and regulates factors like the speed of your engine, the mixture of your fuel and your ignition timing. The OBD can also tell the automatic transmission in your vehicle when to shift.

If your check engine light comes on, it will shine consistently or blink, depending on the problem your car is having. Either way, you should take your vehicle to a qualified technician to have the car inspected or repaired right away. If the check engine light is steady, the problem is likely not urgent, but you should still make an appointment with our service center right away. A blinking light is an indication that your engine is allowing unburned fuel to deposit into your exhaust system. This can quickly raise the temperature of your car and cause serious damage. At this point, reduce the power in your car and get the vehicle checked as soon as you can.

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