Are You Bold Enough for the Civic Coupe?

The two-door Honda Civic Coupe is not a car for the timid. The 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine beneath the hood of this vehicle is surprisingly peppy and capable of delivering highly responsive acceleration that will thrill even the most daring drivers in Bakersfield. Something else that contributes to the sporty performance capabilities of the Civic Coupe is the low stance of this aggressive-looking car. Unlike with the Civic Sedan or Hatchback, there are no back doors on the Coupe. Thus, the roof of this Civic does not need arch gently but can ride up sharply from the windshield’s crest and then slant back rapidly to align with the rear bumper. From the tip of the front grille to the crease of the trunk, therefore, the Civic Coupe has one continuous invisible line constituting its side profile, which means this car has astonishingly aerodynamic handling for an inarguably exciting driving experience no matter where in California you find yourself driving.

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