Keep Those Fluids Topped Up

Your vehicle needs many different fluids to function properly. Not only does your car require that you keep its oil full and changed regularly, but it also has many other fluids that work to keep it going.

Your vehicle needs coolant which needs to get replaced about every two years. This does not mean that you should check it that often though. You may want to check this fluid at least twice a year. Your vehicle also needs brake fluid, transmission fluid, and others. You should make it a habit to perform a precheck before you drive your vehicle to make sure that all of the fluids are topped up correctly.

If you haven't gotten your vehicle serviced in a long time, then you should bring it to us here at Barber Honda to get it serviced. You want to make sure that all of your fluids are topped up and clean. Make an appointment with our experienced service center when it is right for you.

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