'Things Can Always Be Better' with the 2013 Honda Civic

The auto industry is constantly changing and evolving, always coming up with a great new idea to make driving a little more fun or gas mileage a little bit better.  As soon as the engineers at Honda come out with one exciting model, they are reinventing their designs to make it even more amazing for the next year.  At Barber Honda, we know that no matter how innovative and advanced a new Accord or Pilot  may be, there is always room for improvement in future models.

A new ad spot for the 2013 Honda Civic brings this point to life.  With a soundtrack of Santigold's "Disparate Youth," it highlights some of the changes that the manufacturer used to make this new model its best Civic ever:

  • The front- and rear-ends sports a whole new look
  • The interior is now made from higher-quality materials
  • The suspension has been improved to deliver a smoother ride

The theme of the ad is that "things can always be better."  The commercial is a montage of other enhancements that, while subtle, make our everyday lives a little easier: pop-up strollers, smartphone apps, folding bikes.  Whether by saving time, space, or fuel, the things we use every day can always get a little bit better.

Would you like to come down and experience the new Civic for yourself?  Just contact Barber Honda today.  We'd love to set you up for a test drive in a new or used car here at 4500 Wible Rd in Bakersfield, CA.

Of course, if you're simply interested in keeping up with the latest Honda news, be sure to stay tuned here on our blog. We'll be reporting more about this and other positive changes that Honda has coming out in 2013.  Like they say in the ad, "things can always be better," and we want you to know about it.

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