30-Year-Old Honda Civic Given Neighborhood Funeral

Have you ever owned a true automobile friend that's been with you through thick and thin? Very few autos get the attention they deserve after a long life span, but Harry Ettling's Honda recently received a "funeral" after the end of its epic life, with a host of neighbors joining in to reminisce about its longevity.

The rust-covered 1982 Honda Civic was sent to junkyard grave in its home of Inwood, NY and got a sendoff worthy of a relative or close friend with a New Orleans-style funeral. Driving down the street it called home for three decades, the car was applauded by friends and neighbors. Known as "Bluey," the vehicle was in rather poor shape as far as looks are concerned, and Ettling said he was taking it to the junkyard  because he thought his feet would eventually go through the floorboard.

Bluey survived a lot in its "life," surviving a three-car accident in the 1980s and a car-flipping riot in Washington Heights in 1992. Yet, Ettling always got Bluey back up and running. At the end of Bluey's life, its odometer read 170,000 miles, which doesn't seem like a lot, but for a car based in NYC, it certainly is.

How many miles does your used Honda vehicle currently have? If it's in poor shape like Bluey, perhaps the time has come to consider purchasing or leasing a new Honda vehicle. When you've found one that catches your eye, be sure to stop by Barber Honda, conveniently located at 4500 Wible Road Bakersfield, CA 93313, for a test drive! We can help you find a car that's just as tried and true as old Bluey!

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