Honda Earth Dreams Technology Hits 2012 Models

Honda has been working on its new Earth Dreams Technology for quite some time now, but now the new technology is ready to be implemented in the new Honda NSX supercar and the majority of Honda lineup that will premiere this year. The first new Earth Dreams engine for the North American market will be the new 2013 Honda Accord, which will feature a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine, while the first Earth Dreams engine in Europe will be a 1.6-liter diesel for the European model Civic.

So, what's the point of this new Earth Dreams technology? Well, as Honda Europe CEO Manabu Nishimae reveals, "We aim to be number one in fuel economy in each sector within three years. Through Earth Dreams Technology, Honda will continue to minimize our environmental footprint."1 Nishimae also confirmed that the Honda NSX concept will be sold in Europe by 2015, which is great news for Europeans, as the car is sporty, sleek, and efficient. It will feature a large amount of Earth Dreams Technology, and a smaller hybrid or electric sports version of this vehicle could also be constructed in the future. On a related note, an efficient Honda race car, set to premiere in October and  based on the European Honda Civic will participate in the FIA World Touring Car Championship this year.

With all of these amazing changes going on at Honda, it's important not to forget that the current 2012 Honda models are fantastic, too! To see them for yourself, feel free to stop by Barber Honda, located at 4500 Wible Road Bakersfield, CA 93313.


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