Five DIY Car Care Tips from Barber Honda

Have you wondered what you can do yourself to keep your car as good as new? There are many steps you can take to save money and keep your car in excellent shape. Of course, if things get to be too much for you, it's best to trust the experts at the car service department here at Barber Honda to take care of the details for you! Here are some tips for DIY car maintenance:

5 DIY Car Care Tips:

Tires: Check tire pressure for optimal inflation weekly. Incorrect pressure can negatively affect fuel economy in a big way.
Engine: Check belts often. These are located at the front of your engine. The accessory drive belt and timing belt should be checked every 25,000 miles and replaced around every 50,000 miles.
Brakes: Clean brake dust regularly with a damp sponge and clean, cold water
Oil Level: Check this after your engine has cooled by locating the dipstick. Pull it out, wipe it clean, put it back in fully, wait a moment, pull it out, and check the reading. (Checking your coolant level is also a good idea).

Remember, if you have trouble enacting any of these maintenance tips, be sure to contact the experts. Never do any work while your engine is still hot. Make sure your vehicle has had time to cool down. If you encounter other, more serious problems, contacting us is very important. Conveniently located at 4500 Wible Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93313, we're easy to find, so give us a ring at (661)396-4202 today!

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