The Revitalized 2012 Honda Insight

After testing driving the Honda Insight you should not doubt that you have found one of, if not the, top competitor in the hybrid market. The hybrid car is undertaking a full revitalization for the 2012 model year, including improvements to not only performance, but also style.

Arriving at Barber Honda in Bakersfield, California in November, Honda unveiled the Insight to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany nearly a month ago.

The Honda Insight will see several enhancements as well as additions, including an improved air conditioning system, a sharper design for vehicle aerodynamics, and a higher fuel economy. The Japanese automaker created the lower front suspension with aluminum rather than steel. The aluminum diminishes cabin noise and vibrations giving occupants a quiet, relaxing ride. Honda also has used higher quality materials for the seat and dashboard, and added additional head room. And, to improve driver visibility, the rear spoiler has been trimmed down.

Those upgrades and additions are available on Honda Insight models globally, but the US variants will receive some of its own special treatment.

Here in America the Insight will come with an improved audio system and navigation with added features. All these improvements and additions were previewed on the Honda Insight in Germany, and are expected to be included on all North American variants.

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